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About me...

I want to build momentum toward the things I care about.

I want to feel good.

I want to feel light-hearted and uplifted.

I want to know that all is well.

I want to thrive in my environment and I want those around me to thrive too.

I want a safe world.

I want more people to feel better.

I want people to be nicer.

I want more people to feel more stable.

I want fewer people to feel threatened.

I want more humanity.

I want softer and gentler.

I want things to be better for more people.

I want to personally thrive.

I want those around me to personally thrive.

I want to have more freedom.

I want those around me to have more freedom.

I want to sense the ease in my community.

I want the world to be consciously aware of how the law of attraction connects us and matches us accordingly.

I want to feel appreciative of everyone, no matter what side of the issue they are on.

I want everyone to feel happy and empowered, no matter what.

I want to focus on what I want and let go of the everything I don't want.

I want to understand more.

That's why I started "The Lion's Side". I apply the things I want to the study of African's in America. There is an African proverb that says "Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter." I'm seeking the Lion's Side of the story while remaining focused on what I want. 

Check out my timeline! I grabbed online resources about the history of Africans in America and put them in chronological order. Now I have a clearer view of how America got that way. 


It's frustrating to see the enormous amount of pressure Africans in America have sustained but it's important to look back and assess the failures so that we can learn from them. That's why I started a private Facebook group called "Black History, The Lion's Side - A Discussion Room. As long as you're not a jerk, you're welcome to join. Please read the description first. We discuss issues from the past that are still affecting the present and will affect the future, without action.

Studying failure isn't all bad, by the way. Not only can we all learn from past failures, but failure is what creates resilience. That's why I have a Facebook page devoted to the resilience of Africans in America. It's called "The Lion's Side". Please "Like" and "Follow" me.

Also, check out "Get Awesome" for some ways to get motivated in your own life!

And "Get Vibed" for conscious vibe picks by the private Facebook Group members.


Vickie Matthew

Learner, thinker, writer

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Vickie Matthew
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