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24 Powerful Questions... help you figure out what you REALLY want out of life!


If you think you’re ready to completely change your life, but you’re not sure yet what you’re passionate about, you could make a wrong move and trap yourself in a situation that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

Don’t do that!

Instead, take some time to think about it.

These 24 questions are super powerful so watch out! They might spark something in you that inspires action. Go grab a coffee and hide away for a while as you go through these 24 thought-provoking questions that could help shift the direction of your life.



What makes you feel so excited you can barely contain yourself?


What are you positively amazing at?


Who in your life inspires you? How come?


When was the last time you woke up before your alarm because you couldn’t wait to get started on something? What was it?


What can you do better than anyone else you know?


Think of a time you worked really, really hard on something and loved it. What were you doing? Why did you love it?         


In 100 years from now, what do you want people to be saying about you?


When was the last time you got lost in an activity? What were you doing?


If you could try anything because you knew you absolutely could not fail, what would you try?


What makes people thank you?


What do you want right now, more than anything?


If you could have your own show that would change the world, what would it be about?


When you’re in a heated discussion with someone, what are you talking about? What does your point of view say about your beliefs?


If you had endless resources, how would you use them to fix the world?


Imagine you won $50 million dollars last year. What are your plans tomorrow?


When you think about the next generation, what scares you the most?


When you were a kid, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up? What characteristics from that can you translate into now? (e.g. if you wanted to be a fire fighter, maybe you like to help those who can’t help themselves…)


What would you want to be famous for?


What types of books and magazines do you take with you when you travel?


Out of all the things you get paid to do, what would you gladly do for free?


What do other people always say you should do for a living?


If money were not an issue, what are some jobs other people have that you would like to have?


What types of things are you always looking up on Google?


Name 4-5 dream jobs that totally represent your values and your beliefs. Don’t hold back on this one.

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