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Did you know?

Only 20% of the people around you are happy, satisfied and fulfilled with their life? The other 80% would totally change something, right now if they felt confident that they’d be successful.


Instead, fear, complacency and lack of focus get in the way and they never fulfill their dreams.

Does this sound like you? If so, you need to upgrade your membership, today!

There’s a legend that says, when you die, you’ll be visited by ghosts. These ghosts are the embodiment all your hopes, dreams and talents. If you haven’t fulfilled those hopes, dreams and talents, your ghosts will be totally pissed off because YOU were supposed to give them life, and now they're gonna die with you.

What were you meant to bring to life on this earth?

Everyone has a purpose on this planet, you know? It’s your job to fulfill your purpose before you die and the opportunities to make this world a better place for you and those around you, die too.

That’s why it’s important to get really clear, RIGHT NOW, about what’s important in your life and prioritize those things so they become your legend, your reality, and your truth. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself constantly spinning your wheels while climbing up ladders that are up against the wrong walls. You’ll feel like all your hard work is for nothing and you’ll never truly be satisfied – especially in the end.

But how can you stop spinning and start achieving?

The way you stop spinning your wheels and start prioritizing your goals so you can start achieving them, is by gaining clarity.

Take a look at the different parts of your life and make a list of things you want to accomplish that could have a huge impact on you and those around you. Then start doing it.

Taking the time to gain clarity on your life goals is an important step even if:

  • you don’t know what you really want right now,

  • you don’t believe you can live your dreams,

  • you have too many goals to choose from, or

  • you just don’t know how to do it.

None of that is important right now. You just need to open your mind and focus on “what”. What do you want to get out of life?

Try this exercise!

If you’re ready to stop blending in with the 80% who are unhappy with their life and instead want to become an exclusive member of the 20% who know exactly what they want to do with their life and are doing it, then try this exercise. It will help you brainstorm new ideas and narrow them down to a list of 1-4 goals that will really get you excited about your future and help you start believing that happiness, success and fulfillment are truly possible.

  1. Write down your goals in each of the 6 categories below

    • Note: Allow your imagination to run wild and free. Write down everything you can think of, even if it seems crazy, you don’t believe it’s possible or you don’t know how to achieve it. Write down everything from reading more books to becoming a famous author or well-known philanthropist. At the end, you should have at least 20 items on your list.

    • ​The Categories:

      • Work

      • Money

      • Health/Wellness

      • Spiritual/Religious

      • Emotional

      • Relationships

  2. Go back through the list and put a 1, 3, 5, or 10 beside each goal. These numbers represent the timeframe you’d like to complete each goal.

  3. From your one-year goals, choose 1-4 to focus on, and zero in on one to start right now. 

  4. Whatever you end up with, get serious about it and just take one step toward achieving it. 

You don't have to know the end. Just start.

Need some inspiration? Get instant access to the 24 Powerful Questions that could take you from wherever you are now, to where you want to be.


I want to hear from you! What goal are you ready to get serious about? 

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