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1966 - Mississippi Voting Rights Activist Vernon Dahmer Dies After Bombing

In the early morning hours of January 10, 1966, about 10 miles outside of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the home of businessman and activist Vernon Dahmer was firebombed. Dahmer was a successful black businessman who was active in the NAACP and the voting rights movement. Dahmer’s wife, Elli, and their children managed to escape, but Vernon was lost his life after fighting off the attackers. See more of the story in this Moments In Civil Rights History episode.

Hosted by the late D'Army Bailey, Moments in Civil Rights History is produced in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative and is part of Comcast NBCUniversal’s "Voices of the Civil Rights Movement” project. Experience the sights, sounds and stories of the Civil Rights Movement like never before! We are proud to announce our new, interactive website: http://www.VoicesoftheCivilRightsMove...

The updated website contains all of the same award-winning content found on “His Dreams, Our Stories” and “Moments in Civil Rights History.” It combines these two video archives into one interactive site, boasting several new features that improve user experience including improved functionality to help site visitors sort and select content; dynamic new search functions; a free E-Book, plus the opportunity to Add Your Story, a section where anyone can share their own written story, photographs or video relating to the struggle for justice and equal rights.



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