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1804: The Hidden History of Haiti (watch)

Tariq Nasheed on The Rock Newman Show - On this episode of The Rock Newman Show we present a 2 Hour Special on the History of Haiti. In "PART 1" our guests includes Tariq Nasheed, producer of the hit documentary film "1804: The Hidden History of Haiti" which has received worldwide acclaim and founder and President of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, Ezili Danto. We'll discuss Haiti's triumph over slavery, the documentary "1804: The Hidden History of Haiti" and the historic relevance of the Haitian Revolution. In PART 2 of our 2 hour special on The History of Haiti we include WPFW Radio host and Executive Director of Fondasyon Mapou, Eugenia Charles with guests Ezili Danto and Tariq Nasheed. We'll talk about Hayiti's history after the revolution up to her current struggles against western oppression. And why a country immensely rich in culture, history and resources remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

#blackcommunity #slaverebellion #BlackPower #18001849

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